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75+ Fall Outfits to Copy ASAP

This is another tubular shaped dress that Zendaya decided to wear. It looks as if she if wearing an oversized sweater but the dress is not wide enough to be identified as a sweater. She is popular mostly for her tubular shaped outfits because they help her emphasize her height as well as her thin figure.

Meet the Young Celebrity That’s a Hair Icon in the Making

Zendaya's best hair looks of all time

Wow Zendayas hair is so long!!!

Henna idea. Real tattoo

Pin for Later: A Tribute to Rihanna's Killer Street Style on Her 28th Birthday Rihanna was all smiles leaving her London hotel in a Joyrich sweater dress, brilliant blue pumps, and fishnet ankle socks.

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Ballerina shape nails.

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