Tranquillo If someone talks behind you.....don't worry it means you're always ahead ;)

If someone talks behind you.don't worry it means you're always ahead ;

Col tempo impari a tenerti le cose dentro, non perché hai un carattere chiuso, ma perché spesso spiegare è inutile. Tanto alla fine le persone che ti capiscono veramente sono quelle a cui non hai bisogno di spiegare nulla.

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Over time you learn to keep things inside, not because you have a closed character, but because often it is useless to explain. So in the end people do they really understand are those to which you do not need to explain anything .

The secret, dear Alice, is surrounded by people who make you smile at your heart.


Far beyond the ideas of right and wrong, there's a field. Jalaluddin ks k x aiutarti nn dannegiarci entrambi

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