Logan by Oli McAvoy 2012

The ray of light peeking through the crack creates a blinding effect on the subject. The light is so bright that it blinds her vision, covering her eyes in the photo. The black and white filter makes the ray of light even more bright.

Front page of the Spanish old newspaper "Libertad" on 20 November 1975 on the occasion of the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

Francis Franco dies November at Madrid Franco announced in 1969 that on his death he would be replaced by Juan Carlos, the grandson of Spain's last ruling king. An the dark years of Spain under a dictators rule come to and end.

El fotógrafo Sandro Giordoan ha creado una serie de fotos muy graciosas de gente que acaba de sufrir vergonzosas caídas, derramando a su alrededor todas sus pertenencias en una especie de “venta de garaje”.

Divertidas Fotos De Gente Que He Caído Al Suelo Con Sus Pertenencias

In Extremis de Sandro Giordano. Hilarantes fotos de gente que cae con todas sus pertenencias // In Extremis by Sandro Giordano. Hilarious Photos of People who've fallen down among all their belongings

"Hitler Dead" Newspaper

April 1945 – Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide (Front page of the U. Armed Forces newspaper, Stars and Stripes, 2 May For all those NRA members who fear Hitler will take your guns? Here's your news flash.

In extremis, il mondo in caduta di Sandro Giordano

In extremis, il mondo in caduta di Sandro Giordano - Bari - Repubblica.it