This is Life. Nothing is easy and nothing is impossible .La vida es esta, Nada es fácil y nada es imposible.

Ahahahah questa è troppo mia e troppo vera ;) sempre detto!!xD

Learning Italian - "Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life"

La donna!!

the beauty of women is that they are afraid but eventually found the courage to do it all La belleza de las mujeres es que tienen miedo, pero finalmente encuentran el coraje para hacer todo,

,wonder how many times they will have to reread this message.: I'll be arriving in 10 minutes .sai k nn ho voglia di lavorare stsse

Learning Italian - To be large. Humility is the foundation of all true greatness. by Pope Francesco

Quotes, aforismi, pensieri di vita reale e non.

Quotes, aforismi, pensieri di vita reale e qui al kio.c è pieno k koio