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Ortensia Uncinetto. Bellissima

I just love hydrangeas. Crochet Hydrangea Flower with Free Pattern Ch join with a slip stitch to make a ring. *Ch 2 tr in ring, ch sc in ring* repeat from * three times. Fasten off.

Mom’s Day Bouquet Free Crochet Flower Patterns from Red Heart Yarns

This adorable pattern is free from Red Heart. This pot of flowers is perfect for Mother’s day as it is the gift that keeps on giving. Or in this case, it’s the flowers that keep on bloo…

Crochet African violet Flower Pot Free Pattern-Crochet 3D Flower Bouquet Free Patterns

Crochet Flower Bouquet Free Patterns [Picture Instructions]: Crochet Rose, Hydrangea, Waterlily, Christmas Poinsettia, Orchid more Vivid in Pot or Vase

thegirllovesyarn crochet bunnies

In this roundup you will find lots of crochet patterns and various crochet inspiration for Easter Eggs. You'll also find a variety of other Easter-related