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Map of the Nile

A full satellite view of the Nile River. You can see the differences in the width of the river as it travels thru the desert, and at its end at the Mediterranean Sea. Based on the nearby lakes, you can locate the origins of the Blue and White Nile Rivers.

Las Aguas del Nilo (virtual-artifacts: Coffin of Nesykhonsu c....)

virtual-artifacts: “ Coffin of Nesykhonsu c. BC Egypt, Thebes, Third Intermediate Period, late Dynasty 21 BC) to early Dynasty 22 BC) ”

La Valle dei Re, offerte viaggi Egitto

Ramses VI Tomb adjacent to tomb of King Tutankhamen, Egypt. A staircase leads down to the entrance where the lintel is decorated with a traditional scene of Isis Nephthys kneeling at either side of the sun disc.