Universal chilldhood game - Juliann Veeger

Photo and caption by Juliann Veeger - A young boy playing outside of a school in Nanyuki, Kenya. His happiness was simply contagious. Bingwa Primary School in Nanyuki, Kenya.

surma child, ethiopia.    photographer: mario gerth

Ethiopian boy, who has decorated himself with the help of a nut ~ as a stamp, Ethiopia, Africa (photo by Mario Gerth)

Pepi Merisio .

:::::::::: Vintage Photograph :::::::::: Haying in Cogne, 1959 by Pepi Merisio. If I ever want to whine about loading the dishwasher yet again, I'll come and look at this photograph.

Bespoke Innovations | Because Every Body Is Different

Prosthetic Leg Coverings by Bespoke Innovations .not that I have a prosthetic leg. but these are part of a beautiful collection!

golden 'brown suga' goddess

It's summer and it's about to get sweltering in the city! Perfect yellow summer dress for warm weather. Image via: The Sartorialist