Benetton Campaign by Oliviero Toscani

Benetton is no stranger to controversy. This ad, like other numerous Benetton feature condoms. The brand advocates to stop the spread of AIDS. It is questioned if these ads are appropriate because of the younger people who may come across them.

Oliviero Toscani United Colors of Benetton

United Colours of Benneton campaign in collaboration with the World Food Programme Aim: to raise awareness for the most overlooked issue in the world by media and consumers: world hunger.

French model, Isabelle Caro, is the subject of these photographs taken by Oliviero Toscani. The ad was distributed in an effort to raise awareness about anorexia. Many saw this ad a crude for its nudity.

10 Most Shocking Anti-Anorexia Campaigns - anorexia campaign

The Ilalian photographer Oliviero Toscani shot a controversial photograph for a campaign against anorexia ( the woman was the French model Isabelle Caro).

Oliviero Toscani por John Swannell

John Swannell, "Kirsti Toscani & Oliviero Toscani", 1976 on ArtStack

Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani – 018

Oliviero Toscani, Master Provocateur, Returns to Benetton. And Not a Moment Too Soon – Adweek