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a paper house sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bowl of fruit
Home Decor - Dolce Casa/sweet home
a black and white halloween house with bats, pumpkins and ghost on the roof
the word boo spelled out in purple and green with a bandage wrapped around it's face
Homedecor Boo Halloween
a paper cut out of a house with halloween decorations
Home Decor Halloween
the word love embre is surrounded by leaves and other things that have been cut into it
Home decor - Novembre/November
the letter c is decorated with pink and white flowers on it's base, along with a bow
Maxi lettera - home decor
a white and black triangle shaped paper decoration
Maxi Lettera Home Decor
a photo frame with an image of a woman wearing sunglasses and starfish on it
Ricordo d'estate
cornice per foto, decorata tema mare, estate #cornice #scrapbooking #yupplacraft #legnetti #prisma #abbellimenti
three wooden boxes with pictures and flowers in them
Shadow box #yupplacraft #pattern #shadowbox
a scrap board with some pictures and magnets on it, including a blue jean pocket
Mood board scrapposa! #moodboard #scraproom #creatività
an ornament is hanging on the wall with beads and other things in it
Un originale fuoriporta shaker con la cornice YupplaCraft #fuoriporta #cactus #cactusmania #diamante
three pictures hanging on a wall with pink ribbons and bows around them, in front of a floral background
some pictures hanging on a wall with magnets attached to it's sides and an i love you sign above them
a close up of a embroidery pattern on a wooden surface with flowers and an image of two people
Un telaio che diventa layout #scrapbooking #layout #LO #scrap
a wooden frame with a house and heart cutouts on it
Un dolce home decor per una nascita #homedecor #legnetti #baby #yupplacraft