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Tutorial : Crystal Bracelet #17 Level : Intermediate Equipment : - Swarovski Crystal 4 mm. - Seed bead - Jumprings - Clasp - Stopper - Bead tip - Pliers - Nylon thread no. 25 The colors I used here are Indian Sapphire and Montana. The seed bead is clear with silver lined. 1. Cut two nylon threads,…

The Ice Blossom Bracelet is the perfect accessory for the winter months. Crisp and cool, the interlocking crystals in this bead stitching pattern evoke the look of an ice sculpture.

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Lucky Diamond Earrings Tutorial--Material List: (for two earrings) or round or bicone crystals seed beads earring wires 8 Firelne ( a full wing-span) beading needle size crystals make a 3 make a 2 earring

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This is one of the most requested tutorial I received apart from Donut Thai style. lol Tutorial : Flower Spiral #1 Level : Intermediate to Advance Technique : Cross-weaving Equipment - Crystal Bicone 4mm. 4 colors (Color - Seed bead 11/o - Nylon thread no. 30 - Clasp. - Jumprings (optional if you…

The Colorful Pearls and Crystals Bracelet is a beautiful way to update classic pearl jewelry. If you want ways to make bracelets from varied materials, you will love this simple bracelet pattern.

DIY Beads Bracelet DIY Beads Bracelet (I like this but can I figure out how to do it???)

DIY Bracelet diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas crafty easy diy diy jewelry diy bracelet craft bracelet jewelry diy could use short segment of this bead weaving technique for pendant

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