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Top Ten Gadgets of 2013

The list below has the top 10 gadgets of 2013, although not in order due to they belonging to different categories and each is as awesome as the other
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Project shield - Gamers, this is your paradise: Project shield. Have this, and need nothing more. Complete with a high power Quad-core, an ultimate controller, a multi touch display, Wi-Fi connectivity all with the package of being a pure android. Play with this and you’ll truly feel like you’re a part of the game!


Lenovo ThinkPad Helix - Stop thinking, and start ordering! Laptops just cannot get better than this. Neither can tablets. Because this can be both! What with the ten hour battery backup, a third generation intel core processor, and an amazing storage space, you needn’t look any further!


3d printers: a revolution on its own. Their tag line: they accelerate creativity! This printer produces a plastic replica of the blueprint you give it. Highly accurate and the models are durable too! What’s more, the prices aren’t skyrocketing either! A most innovative development and a truly enviable gadget!


PS4 - Guaranteed to make you a loner: the happiest loner! With advanced graphic capabilities, this play station transports you to a whole other dimension, one you’d never want to leave.

Smartwatch by Sony - It keeps you “discreetly updated and your hands free” is what Sony claims. A beautiful design, and even more brilliant functioning.

Samsung 85 inch Floating TV - So mesmerising, you won’t even know what’s playing on it. The Samsung 85 inch floating tv is here! Watch pictures come to life as you sit relaxed on your couch. What’s more, its amazingly pocket friendly too!

Google Glass - Another surge of the ‘Google-taking-over-your-life’ wave. These are not publicly released yet, but given to a part of the public for reviews. Amazing to see, and even more amazing to use. You’ll always know everything, translate languages whenever you want and click pictures with a motion of your hand! A dream gadget indeed!