Wedding in a 16th Century Villa

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a bouquet of dried flowers sitting on top of a stone ledge next to a wooden door
A unique bouquet
Dried flowers with white and beige colours..
a bouquet of white and pink flowers in front of a stone wall on the street
A beautiful bouquet
A beautiful bouquet for the bride.. I love this flower arrangement, and you?
a table setting with silverware and place settings on it, including a menu card
Menu made of fabric
Menu made of fabric with a coppery colour fork...
a white plate topped with a fork and knife
Mise en place
A modern mise en place: the dish, the fork, the menu and the place card..
a table with candles and flowers on it
Bride & Groom Table
Cosmea flowers, candles, glass and small pieces of brick...
a woman in a strapless dress smiles and holds her hand up to her chest
Bride details
Green jewels matched with the embroidered branches of the bride dress
a bride and groom are walking through the rose petals in front of an old building
The launch of petals
At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds are greeted by the throwing of white, pink and red petals by all their guests
the table is set with white flowers and candles
Modern mise en place
A modern mise en place: fresh and dried flowers, light colours, table cards made of fabric, coppery colour cutlery and pieces of bricks