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ylenia ruzzon

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Rose dress.

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Amazing mandala By: @sine_art #artupdates ✏️

This was so much fun to color and sketch omg the skirts SURE were challenging but it was really fun ALSO Jennie's outfit is all I want in life tbh~ hope you guys like it

Enjoy a classic tale by candlelight! This enchanting design is perfect for shirt sleeves, journal covers, and tote bags. Also available split into multiple pieces.

I love this backsplash! I'm not sure about committing to a pattern...

Lakefront Cottage Kitchen Makeover

Love the colors and the style!

Bright kitchen

7 Reasons You Need to Visit Santorini


PIRATE JACK Johnny Depp is on the move again, leaving Nice with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, 4-year-old son Jack and daughter Lily in tow Thursday. Depp's family feature, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest, opens this summer. Published: Friday May 05, 2006 | 11:45 AM EDT