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We love this grey bedroom full of contrasts: Dark and light colors correlate with each other in the same way as the straight and curvy lines. We love the grey ceiling and the leather chair als much als we love the large and modern bed and the round side t

Questa soluzione dovrebbe proprio essere disponibile ovunque...!

Extension cord built into the wall outlet. How convenient! Never search for an extension cord again!

Ranger ses vinyles                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ranger ses vinyles

You can find old school record storage on Craigs List all the time. Search furniture for records and LPs (vinyl returns too many irrelevant ads).

22 отметок «Нравится», 4 комментариев — David Poole (@davepooleibiza) в Instagram: «Vinyl room #anothergreenworld #eno #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylcollection #vinylcommunity…»

22 отметок «Нравится», 4 комментариев — David Poole (@davepooleibiza) в Instagram: «Vinyl room #anothergreenworld #eno #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylcollection #vinylcommunity…»

Easy Origami For Kids.: Dog(face)

Gli Origami: l'arte di piegare la carta - impariamo partendo da qui

This is so sweet.  A custom made record cabinet by Atocha Design.  My Christmas wishlist just got a lot more expensive.

House your record collection in handmade American furniture that looks as good as LPs sound. Record cabinets, storage, DJ Tables for vinyl listeners.

Braun TG 60 Dieter Rams 1965 / 상영기를 보면 생각나는 영화 '시네마 천국' 어릴 적, 그 벅찬감동을 어찌할 줄 몰라 당황했던 기억이 난다.

Braun TG 60 Reel To Reel analog audio tape deck. 1965 – Designed by Dieter Rams

写真:平井広行 専門家:矢板久明 / 矢板直子が手掛けた、収納 2(八雲の家)の詳細ページ。新築戸建、リフォーム、リノベーションの事例多数、SUVACO(スバコ)

House in Yakumo by Yaita and Associates clever book or CD storage behind the door and in the walls between the wall studs.

Jackson in the moment....I want to be there too....

Miniature Sculptures of Iconic Artists In Their Studios by Joe Fig. Joe Fig is an American painter and sculptor who began exploring artists’ working method


proud of his company (quote) The Macintosh - the first to bear the name - turns 25 on 24 January. The machine debuted in 1984 and kicked off a product line that were Apple's flagship computers for many years. The Macintosh helped popularize the

Symbol: mobile audio Modern Record Console, design Tovin Blake e Matt Richmond. Ha il giradischi con braccio in fibra di carbonio per ascoltare i vinili e il router wireless per la musica digitale. In

Symbol Audio is a New York company that designs and handcrafts modern audio HIFI consoles and vinyl LP storage cabinets, we have featured their Audio Desk before. The beautiful Modern Record Console pays homage to all in one” console hifi’s of the 1

The “stereo radiophonograph” Brionvega RR126 was designed in 1965 by the famous Milan-born designer and architect Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002),

The “stereo radiophonograph” Brionvega was designed in 1965 by the famous Milan-born designer and architect Achille Castiglioni