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an artist's rendering of the exterior of a school with people walking in front
How to get admission to top schools in Greater Noida?
Nowadays, it is very challenging for parents to get their children admitted to the top schools in Greater Noida. No parents would like to compromise with their child’s education.
the logo for jalpuria school, which is located in south africa and has been
What are the qualities of a good school?
For a child, school is like a second home, where they learn a lot under the guidance of a teacher. Every child spends so much time daily with their classmates.
children playing with legos on the floor in a play room at a school or day care center
How is Jaipuria school the best one near gaur city?
Jaipuria School is a co-educational English medium school located in Gaur City. It is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
a group of children sitting around a table with an adult in the background and two adults standing behind them
How Is Jaipuria School In Noida Extension Better Than Other Schools?
Jaipuria School is better than other schools in Noida extension because of the quality education and legacy of 75+ years. It has more than 28000+ students and 2000+ educationists in India. Padma Bhushan Seth Anandaram Jaipuria first established it.
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Swarrnim Startup & Innovation University
#NEP or New Education Policy 2020 acts as a welcoming change or positive news amid all the negative in this year 2020. The improvements proposed by NEP 2020 is something that many educators and students never saw coming.
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Best Ways to Deal With Exam Fear
Most students face exhaustion, #stress, fear and #anxiety for a prolonged period before the exam even commences. Their condition deteriorates the night before the #exam and this plunges several others into a pool of depression. #mtechwithjob #examfear #BestPrivateUniversity #jaipur
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Highest Paying Majors You Can Choose in 2020
At the end of the day what matters the most is #job satisfaction and #payscale. After all, every student aims to secure a job that can pay him well according to his qualification. So let us have a look at the highest paying majors that can promise you a lucrative package in 2020. #Mtech #MtechWithJob #career #jobs2020
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Safety and Financial Tips for Students Moving to Another City for the First Time
Are you planning to move out for #higherstudies? Moving out can be an extremely emotional #rollercoaster ride for a student. There are a lot of details that need to be taken care of like rent, electricity, #college fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. #BCACourse #BCACourseinJaipur #MBA #MBACourse
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Personality Traits That You Should Have As A Graduate Student
A transition from #school to #college is dominant in a student's life and many do not know what it all requires to be at the best in their college #academics as well. With students from different cultures and regions coming together to #BComcolleges in Jaipur, what does it really takes to stand out the crowd? #BBACollegesinJaipur
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Booming Non-Conventional Courses To Pursue After 12th
Instead of going for regular #graduation programs, they keep on searching for some offbeat options that will open avenues for challenging, creative, and progressive #career paths. So here we are, with some of the best non-conventional professional #courses that you can pursue after #12th class. #topengineeringcolleges
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How to Get a Job That Doesn’t Exist Yet?
With the increasing church in the #job #vacancies, job seekers have realised that it is not impossible to create new opportunities for themselves in the industry. All they need to do is to come out of their comfort zone, have a positive attitude, and a creative initiative. Are you wondering how to go about it? Here are some useful tips for it. #MBA2020 #MBAColleges #bestuniversity #BestUniversityinRajasthan
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Everything That You Should Know About Mining Engineering
A #miningengineer can arrive at this #career choice in a number of ways, and this career can even lead to a number of future possibilities in terms of work, promotions, and experiences. #DiplomainMiningEngineering
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5 Tips To Overcome Laziness After A Study Break -
Considering the disruption to #learning caused by the #Coronavirus #pandemic, it is only natural for #students to face difficulties in regaining the same amount of focus and motivation. HERE ARE 5 TIPS TO OVERCOME LAZINESS AFTER A STUDY BREAK #TopPrivateUniversityinRajasthan