room ideas

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a cat sleeping on a bed in a dimly lit room with posters and lights above it
a kitchen with an old refrigerator, potted plant and other items on the counter
a desk with plants and pictures on the wall next to a chair in front of a window
Cottage Core Aesthetic Ideas
a dimly lit bathroom with two toilets and a bathtub in the corner, next to a window
Stimmungsvolle Badezimmer-Einrichtung
Weitere Einrichtungstipps bekommst du bei Fridlaa
a stack of books sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a doorway
a kitchen with a window, sink and stove top oven sitting next to a refrigerator
Our messy but cozy kitchen
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and bathtub covered in green plants next to a window
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a shower head with plants hanging from it's side in front of a window
a room filled with lots of house plants and potted plants on top of shelves
Plant Shelf
a bedroom with a bed, desk and laptop on the floor in front of a window
an unmade bed sitting under a window next to a table with books on it
an unmade bed with many pictures on the wall above it and plants hanging from the ceiling