sophisticated icing colors from store bought food coloring

Amazing chart that shows you how to make any color frosting using a standard red, yellow and blue box of dye and home made or store bought frosting! I don't use the liquid food coloring or store bought icing, but it's still useful info.


Love how this pattern repeats to create a flower - definitely would work fabulously with tissue paper and dies!

Like blue waves (by Stephanie Hoffman) This piece draws me in. Love to study how it flows.

Japanese print and pattern that goes back to the old chinese sign for water (on maps) and the japanese kanji go back to chinese characters .

Lavender hues

Bedroom design - Home and Garden Design Ideas Lavender Hues setting hues Bedroom Restored club chair

Kids' Room Décor: Colorful Bullseye Canvas Wall Art in Stretched Wall Art

"Pigments" in jars. :D All the better to paint/soap/dye all sorts of things rainbow.


Portfolio update / new imaginary moment : Without I am northing by fabienbarral, via Design

Rifle Paper Co. Floral Heart Print -so sweet - I gave this to my aunt for valentines. Rifle is an amazing independent paper company.