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Anne Hathaway, New Hair, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway Bob, Anthony Hopkins, Long Pixie Cuts, Her Hair, New Haircuts
Denim: un eterno classico, il nuovo Must delle celebrità
Moda ecosostenibile Alternative, Dresden, Brandy Melville, Ethical Consumer, How To Make Money, Eco Friendly Fashion, What Is Fast Fashion, Quality Clothing, Second Hand Stores
Moda ecosostenibile, idee per superare il fast fashion
Moda ecosostenibile
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer talking on the phone
L’estate sta finendo, rimedi alla sindrome da rientro.
La maledizione dello spazzolino, il significato psicologico.
a long pier stretching out into the ocean with blue skies and white clouds in the background
In town, magazine della Versilia, un’idea di Alessio Musella
a woman sitting at a table with a book and coffee cup in front of her
Alla soglia dei venti… quasi trenta - International Magazine
an assortment of body care products displayed in front of each other on a white background
Rudy Profumi, energia positiva a portata di naso
a mannequin wearing sunglasses and sequins stands in front of pink flowers
Lo stile inconfondibile di Anna-Karin Karlsson WonderyouMagz
there are many nutcrackers on the table
Un tocco glamour per il tuo Natale da sogno Wonderyou Magazn
Heels, Nordstrom, Jimmy Choo, Shoes, Pumps, Christian Louboutin, Model Photos, Moda
“Le Scarpe”, passione o perversione? - International Magazine
Snow White, Shirts, Fictional Characters, Disney, Disney Characters, Person, Character, Princess, Disney Princess
DoppiaEsse t-shirt: Instagrammabili - International Magazine
a man standing next to a woman holding a cell phone
La verità, non gli piaci abbastanza - International Magazine
A Natale “Salce197”, le borse da amare alla follia
A Natale “Salce197”, le borse da amare alla follia
a man swinging a golf club on top of a green field
“Golf Trophy 2022”, di Clean System, un successo green.