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Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving

Ogni sciamano conosce gli spiriti della taiga. Sa che dimorano tra gli alberi, nel vento, nel cielo e nella terra, ma soprattutto, sa che verranno in suo aiuto, quando sarà il momento di affrontare il difficile sentiero che scende nelle profondità infere o che sale fino a raggiungere il Sole. MEET MYTHS

Norwegian artist Andreas Lie uses double exposure photos to capture the essence of animals in arctic landscapes. This is one of my favorites, I'm a huge fan of nature and the environment and these animals show the environemnt they live in.

Adeevee - Deichmann: Occupy Banksy

Occupy Banksy — Bold and clever installations of FILA shoes cut in half and attached to existing Banksy artwork with the goal of gaining FILA more attention in the streetstyle footwear segment.

Aiia Portable Collapsible Speaker

aiia is raising funds for Portable Bluetooth SSSSSpeaker: Sweet Sounds of Silicone on Kickstarter! 3 types of gooooooood sound. It's all about portable Bluetooth SSSSSpeaker by aiia.

I famosi pantaloni anti-stupro...

Thai-designed security panties - Some overly creative designers in Thailand created a pair of security panties that have a built-in penis, aiming at protecting your girly bits and ward off a man's lustful thoughts at the same time.