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a male soccer player in a white uniform is holding his hand to his head and looking at the ground
a man standing on top of a green field holding his hand out to the camera
Гостевая Форма сборной Италии по футболу 2021
a soccer player in action on the field
Timnas Italia menutup laga pembuka dengan kemenangan 3-0.
a man is giving the thumbs up sign in front of him on a soccer field
two soccer players are hugging each other on the field
Mancini, che emozione: in lacrime dopo il trionfo in finale
two soccer players running after the ball on a field with other players in the background
Juventus vence campeã Inter e se mantém na briga pelo G-4
a man in a blue shirt speaking into a microphone
a man holding a soccer trophy in his right hand and posing for the camera with it
Più bella cosa non c'è, più bella cosa di te❤️😍🏆
two men standing next to each other on a field with a soccer ball in front of them
italy's soccer player mario pioli during the match between italy and croatia on may 28
Nicolo Barella of Italy looks on during the 2019 UEFA U-21 Group A...
a soccer player sitting on the ground with his head down and hands in his pockets
Europei, magie di Insigne: poi mostra il tatuaggio di Maradona
two soccer players are celebrating with their arms in the air and one is holding his fist up
Inter Milan's Slovak defender Milan Skriniar and Inter Milan's Dutch...
two soccer players are hugging each other on the field
Leonardo Pavoletti and Nicolo Barella of Italy in action during a...
a man sitting in front of a microphone at a press conference with italian flags behind him
Nicolò Barella of Italy speaks with the media during a press...