Strange Hotel

A night shot of the Earthship Visitor Center that I took while Ollie was filming exteriors of the building using a portable crane. It was a cold winter night but no snow.

Hotel Costa Verde - Costa Rica... A holiday in a plane!

I want to live here one day. Airplane house - Lake Whittington, Mississippi, USA made of a Boeing 727 from Continental airlines. Wiggins, your dream house

Vacanze green - Fotogallery di

Made entirely from local biodegradable materials like clay, reed and wood, Friend House Hotel in Ukraine was developed by Ryntovt Design.

Natural Pool - Le Camp luxury camping

Le Camp luxury private hideaway in France

The wonderful natural swimming pool at Le Camp, a luxury tented camp in southwest France my favourite place I've ever swam in

Hotel Ariau Amazon Towers, Brazil

Treehouse Hotels: The Baumhaus Hotel in Eastern Germany

Vacanze green - Fotogallery di

The Juvet Landscape Hotel was recently finished by architectural firm Jensen & Skodvin. Unlike standard hotels, Juvet was designed to focus on the outside

Ball-shaped hotel room by Rudolph Palladino

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Le Camp luxury private hideaway in France

Le Camp luxury private hideaway in France