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Andrea Fontana

Andrea Fontana
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Vector isometric buildings. Industrial — Stock Illustration #14469375

By Vector isometric buildings icon set. Factories, plants, warehouse, conveyor and other industrial facilities

Cuban Cantina Newspaper Style Food Menu Design. Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration  by

this newspaper style menu has great elements all around. the salmon color on both pages ties the menu together as a whole while the various type faces draw your attention around the menu.

The Alfa Romeo Furia Supercar Concept Pays Homage to History | Automobiles  #AlfaRomeo #Concept #Car #Modern

Alfa Romeo Furia supercar concept from independent designer Paul Breshke.

Skull art                                                                                                                                                     More

You drained me off all my blood and injected me with poison. No love is not what races through my body it's anger hate and hurt so bad it shapes you to be truly evil and soulless. I like this new me down right soulless feels so damn good.

DMD Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

Ride vintage in a DMD helmet. Protecting your noggin with a true vintage helmet is probably not the best idea considering the advancements in helmet technologies and the weight, comfort and fi…