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four blue and white tags with numbers on them
Multiply and Divide by Powers of Ten! • Teacher Thrive
YES! Love this visual representation of Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten. Free "place value sliders" that students can use to help visualize and understand the concept.
an open notebook with numbers and owls on it
FINALLY: 5th Grade Interactive Math Notebooks!!!
Interactive Math Notebooks!!! Ideas r for 5tjh grade standards
an interactive notebook for students to practice fraction numbers and writing with the help of their teacher
Teaching To Inspire In 5th
Blog post with lots of pictures of what can be included in a interactive notebook for Fractions.From Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley
an interactive notebook with fractions and numbers for students to work on their math skills
a poster with fractions and numbers to show equal parts of a whole or set
Fun with Fractions
fractions on a number line booklet with the text fractions on a number line
Math Tech Connections
Fractions booklet - part of a third grade fractions interactive notebook set - includes math menus and rubrics to help keep interactive notebooks organized and students accountable
an open notebook with numbers and fractions on the pages, sitting on a table
Create●Teach●Share Lots of WoNDERFUL ideas here!
three different types of fractions are shown on the table
Fractions Part 2- With a FREEBIE! (The Applicious Teacher)
Fractions: Take Two!! Okay... a few weeks ago, I shared the beginning of our fraction unit with...
dividing fractions worksheet with two numbers on the same side and one number
Dividing Fractions Poster for Grade 5 | Classroom Caboodle
One glance at this chart helps your kids remember the key steps in dividing fractions. Having a visual definition for students is a must on this topic!
a poster with fractions written on it and two equal parts in the same area
Ship Shape Elementary
Ship Shape First Grade