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Wild swimming Italy

Explore the wild and rural Italy that few ever find. Enjoy the summer in beautiful riverside spot, cool down dipping in clear water and live your adventure!
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Hot summer? dip and relax! ‪#‎wildswimming‬, ‪#‎Italy‬, ‪#‎Emiliaromagna‬.


A ‪microadventureInItaly‬ at the beautiful Stellune's lake.

Summer ‪Marche‬,‪ Italy‬.

The ‪turquoise‬ waters of a beautiful ‪river‬. Abruzzo, Italy

Alps sunset, Italy. On our way to the wild swim.

Stellune's lake, Italy.

Little beaches, wide streams and pool galore. ‪#‎Emiliaromagna‬, ‪#‎summer‬, Italy.

Wild Swimming

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White springs Tuscany - Italy Find more in "Wild Swimming Italy" book.

Top 10 wild swimming locations in Italy

From emerald lakes to river beaches and crashing waterfalls, Michele Tameni picks 10 of the most beautiful and secluded locations from his new book Wild Swimming Italy