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an open book sitting on top of a white shelf
Gio Ponti on Domus n.117 - 1937.
a blue and white porcelain tray with two cups on it, one cup is in the middle
Goodmorning! breakfast set by Alessandro Mendini 1994.
an image of food being made in the kitchen with mixers and ingredients on table
Italian pasta for this breakfast! with smeg
an advertisement for the vgo exhibition on display in a room with white walls and black lettering
Design story selection by Vigo!
a poster with the words design beyond the crisss written in pink on white paper
Design Beyond The Crisis! Quote of the day.
two matching lunch boxes with fruit and vegetables on them, one has strawberries, the other has oranges
Sushi for breakfast? Bento box clutch for Au Jour Le Jour! @sosweet_pr_events #breakfast #goodmorning #clutch #bentobox #design #aujourlejour #foodporn
a white bicycle is shown against a white background with brown trimmings and spokes
Saturday is a perfect day for riding a bike! Especially this beautiful @otto_milano. #bike #ride #saturday #fixed #ottomilano #node
a chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall filled with paintings
BeoLab 17 is the new black! Bang & Olufsen design.
a mint green refrigerator sitting on top of a white floor next to a lamp and wall
What's in your smeg today? New contest on Share your 50 style pic!
a gold colored object with square and rectangle shapes on it's sides, sitting on a reflective surface
New Fato gold version by Artemide, design Giò Ponti.