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hey im Jace. im 18 and single. im a flirt *winks* i have 2 sisters, names are christin and jessica. im protective over them so watch it. i like basketball, making vines and videos, acting. and yeah. my power is 2 combined into 1. these are. super learning. so i learn anything in a matter of seconds and and persuasion. which means i can persuade anyone into anything. thats how i get my sisters to do my laundry. opps *smiles* just kidding

(restarting Camerons life bc i forgot about him being my rp character )) Hey im Cameron *winks* im a flirt. im Single *smirks* i like to skateboard, rap, make videos, act and model.

My friend asked me if Shawn was the one that wears bandanas and has the blues eyes and blonde hair...

When Cameron joins Lexi's school, her life completely changes. Only because the gorgeous new boy falls head over heels for her. However, when Cameron breaks Le.