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Incanto is a floorlamp with significant dimensions. A curved sheet of glass wraps around two halogen bulbs that project finishing: 5 mm thick sheet of curved extra-clear glass with a sanded finish, a base cover and a front panel made of steel with a mirror polish.

Dimmable and programmable using the DALI controller. High-performance, low-consumption 230V fluorescent cable-mounted or suspended luminaires. Diffused and indirect emission for visually very comfortable general lighting. Electronic ballast with DALI protocol. 2x39W and 2x54W.

230V cable-mounted metal halides (HQI) plug-in/out luminaire with very low consumption and very high efficiency for accent lighting. 360° free rotation in all directions. 35/70W. Beams: 10°, 24°, 40°. Length of connection cables from ballast to luminaire: 40 or 150 cm.

Cuboled, for reading in bed. When opening the lid it switches on, when closing the lid it switches off.

LED suspended lamp with dimmer for interiors. It emits both indirect light downwards and diffused light upwards, passing through the aperture in the reflector. The rose contains the power supply with dimmers and fine tuning for the cable length and to level the fitting.

FormaLa plus2 is a LED luminaire with dimmer and built-in power supply, for interiors, for installation on the wall and the ceiling, providing indirect and diffused lighting. A strip of light made of harmonic steel to shape as you like and to be positioned in endless configurations. Its size makes this lamp ideal in smaller places.

Halogen lamp with optical glass lens for localised lighting. Available with a transparent lens for livelier lighting, or a sanded lens for softer lighting.

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