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an abstract painting with mountains in the background
a surreal landscape by tishomingo sahara, available for purchase on, courtesy of welcometocompany.
an abstract painting with yellow and brown circles on the bottom, surrounded by small white dots
Yellow Geometric Circles by Caroline Evans. Purchase here:
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on it's surface, including lines
Geometric Stripes by Caroline Evans, an original painting available on Gilt Groupe, courtesy of WelcometoCOMPANY
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on white paper next to wood planks
Abstraction #2 by Caroline Evans. Buy it here:
an abstract painting with lots of colors and shapes on the bottom half of the image
Yeji Jun's magnificent painting Unconsciously I Keep Moving Forward
a piece of wood with lines on it
completely obsessed with this yeji jun original painting, 5:12 pm from the series inside, inside.
an abstract painting with blue and green paint splattered on the surface, in front of a white background
Women Create the Cycle of Life by Meghann Snow, available on
a pink background with black and white bubbles
Circles #1 by Caroline Evans on Gilt Groupe!
a painting of soldiers in front of a flag with the british flag on it and an american flag behind them
Title: Battlescene with British Solders By: Josef Wittlich $9,300
there are many holes in the wall that is missing
Title: Untitled #233 By: Jay Kelly $1,700
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a wall with black and white lines on it
Title: Untitled #170 By: Jay Kelly $1,700
four different pictures of people and animals in the same photo, one is black and white
Title: Helmsman (with Various Fires) By: John Baldessari $6,000