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Introducing the concept, space and food I designed for #meltfoorum2016. It got me excited to talk about the role of food in conferences and how it can be THE catalyst for change in the modern working life! Making the event reality has been such a great experience, which wouldn't have been possible without all the staff involved, from the catering company @tervisecatering, to technical staff, security guys, decoration team, @kokomocoffee baristas @brewroland @kristinnolvak, florists…

Rule n. 1! Make it worth it! #wefactoryandco

Last year we were in the starting phases of the food curation for the literature festival for kids #123storie. This year we have some other exciting things up the sleeves. Maybe we'll be playing again with kids? #nomadicagency

Location check! There will be some ✨ here in less than 48h... Or at least few tasty surprises for our conference guests! #conferencefoodistasty / #wefactoryandco x #meltfoorum2016

Sneak peek of one of 8 dishes I designed and directed for #meltfoorum2016 happening next Tuesday and prepared by Tervise catering: Baltic herring, fennels and purple potatoes. Who said that conference food should be boring? Excited to work with conference organizers who give as much space to good speakers and workshops as a thought through dining experience! #conferencefoodistasty #eatwithasmile

A very traditional Italian summer meal reinterpreted and chosen to be represented in the selection of good and easy meals to make and bring to work, that were part of the #meltfoorum2016 dining experience menu. 'Melon, crudo, goat cheese' is one of the 8 courses I designed for the Tallinn conference and made by @tervisecatering. #wefactoryandco x #eatwithasmile

Today I said a loud and clear "no" to spec work. Would you go to the hairdresser and ask for an haircut and pay it only if it suits your taste? Or would you pay for your meal only after you had consumed it and decided you like it? No, right?!? So it's time to take a stand and explain your potential clients who ask for spec work that it ruins the industry from your and their side: you waste your time, energy and money; and they hardly get what they really need. What's your experience about…

So one more event is done. Now writing from my hotel room and visualizing what happened in the whirlwind of events in the past 12 hours. Here're the first guests arriving and filling up the space at the gorgeous boiler room @kultuurikatel! #conferencefoodistasty // #wefactoryandco x #meltfoorum2016

Light space intervention on the gorgeous Hall of Cauldrons @kultuurikatel for #meltfoorum2016 #conferencefoodistasty, which became even cozier when I saw our guests #eatwithasmile! @wefactoryandco #wefactoryandco // #conferencefood

The wonderful baristas of #KokomoCoffee @Brewroland and @kristinnolvak brewed specialty coffee the whole night at the conference #meltfoorum2016 afterparty. Can you imagine the smell of coffee mingling with the scent of lilacs? I can! Finally coffee got the place it deserved on the menu! #☕️ #wefactoryandco x #conferencefoodistasty