Lavander- relax fragrance, love colour

Weddbook ♥ Lavender wrapped candles for Wedding table decoration. imagine how the candle heat would bring out the lovely lavender smell.


Lavender fields ~I cannot even imagine the amazing aroma of the lavender. How I wold love to be the one with the basket full of lavender. One day, my momma and I will go to a lavender field. And one day, I will have a gigantic bush at our home!


Lavender for Sale at 1 Euro a Bunch, at the Twice Weekly Famrer's Market in Coustellet

Lavender for Sale at 1 Euro a Bunch - I always get 20 bunches for the house in Gordes :-) Coustellet market on sundays is a dream of locally grown organic greens

Lavender field, Provence, France  via Rossana Rodriguez Cervantes

Lavender Field, The Netherlands. My number one goal now is to visit this beautiful field with flowers of my favorite color!


Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silvery foliage 18 tall 24 wide. This drought-tolerant hardy perennial has extremely fragrant foliage flower


BOTTES DE LAVANDE Bunches of Lavender drying on racks under the sun of Provence in France, beautiful in a country French centerpiece, or placed in a vase or container to perfume a room or linen closet.

Lavandin Lavander

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