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1 transistor FM spybug

LoRa - Raspberry Pi - Single Channel Gateway - Cheap!

LoRaWAN is a protocol designed for creating large-scale public networks; the technology allows for sensors to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. Community crowdsourced projects, such as The Things Network, aim to provide access to this technology by deploying gateways globally that others can freely connect to. The purpose of this Instructable is to provide a guide for people to create their own outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway using off-the-shelf components, rather than purchasing a…

Phone Rings Lamp Circuit MOC3020 telefon alarm lamba yakma moc3020 triyak bt137

Wifi Webradio with ESP8266 and VS1053

First things first!I know stealing of ideas and designs is common practise these days.Everyone can use this circuit for his own projects but if used in any way for commercial products I would like to be included in the earnings!I am not greedy and offer my idea to everyone who might need them but I simply don't like seeing my circuits in a commercial product as stolen without being included.Please understand this and consider doing the right thing.If you like the idea but not paying me for a…

Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Spotify Server

Program your Arduino with an Android device over Bluetooth

Such a smart idea.

How to make a DIY Version Of The Tesla Powerwall (Video)