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a man jumping off the side of a cliff into a river with a waterfall in the background
Rio Lasino inferiore - Waterfall Trek Canyoning
Vieni a tuffarti con noi nelle pozze smeraldine del rio Lasino! Percorso di livello principiante vi conquisterà con le sue pozze soleggiate e le semplici calate dove imparerete a usare corda e discensore.
there is a waterfall in the middle of this rocky area with water running down it's sides
Cascata Rio Lasino - Piemonte
Raggiungere a piedi questa cascata è possibile! Sentiero da ronchi dentro, località di Vanzone (Vb) direzione Lasino inferiore.
people swimming in the water near a waterfall
Canyoning tours near Lake Maggiore
Holidays outdoor activities for you and your friends. Beautiful emerald pools, nice jumps and amazing landscape. We are a specialized Canyoning Center, offering tour at every level. Live your adventure! Canyoneer for a day!
a man is rapping through the water on a rope
Lasino canyon rappelling
An awesome steepy canyon with a spectacular sequence of drops on reddish gneiss and emerald green pools. Very simple tour: funny jumps, amazing toboggan and easy rappel. The path is fully exposed to the sun and is therefore very pleasant splashing in a beautiful clear water. #canyoning #waterfall #travel #wanderful_places #lagomaggiore #trekking #outdoor #nature #mountains #exitcomfortzone #travelpage #outdoorsports #piemonte #macugnaga #hiking #beautifuldestination #rappellingwaterfalls #hiker