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The design of the Singapore Bus Service (SBS) logo and guides have changed over the years. Today, the logo is just made of a simple red design. Back then, the logo was colourful and filled with patterns. The designs are similar back then, making an arrow a main feature in the logo. Now, the logo resembles the letter 'S' - simple and iconic.

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Singapore is well known for her airport. Changi Airport 1 was Singapore's very first airport that was built in 1981! It is beautifully constructed with an awestruck and elegant internal design. It is also one of Asia's largest airport with a capacity of 10 million passengers a year.

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay is a famous icon in Singapore and it resembles a durian (a famous fruit in Singapore). The development is designed as shells to be viewed from above. This architectural design is the reason why it is uniquely associated with Singapore.

The Merlion, which is one of Singapore's most iconic symbol and tourist attraction, was first designed in 1964 as a logo for the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board (STPB). It is a half-lion and half-fish creature that was inspired by a famous folklore with features Sang Nila Utama. Today, there are two Merlion statues in Singapore, one in Marina and one in Sentosa.

The Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight Stewardess uniform was inspired by the sarong kebaya which is a traditional uniform in Singapore. It is made with batik material to provide comfort and reflects Singapore's heritage. What is unique about the uniform is that, each and everyone of it is tailored and it is designed by Pierre Balmain.

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This Speak Mandarin Campaign Posters are designed in a simple way to convey its main message to Singaporeans. Although the design is simple, the main message is successfully carried forward. The colours are also specially chosen and fitted into the background, together with the graphics which make the posters look appealing.

These are some common logos seen all around Singapore. These logos belong to Governmental & Public Organizations. These logos designed are to signify a company and we are able to identify the company just by looking at the logo.

The Concourse is a 41-storey Commercial building designed by a renowned architect Paul Rudolph. The building is unique and stands out from afar because of it's exceptional design. It is also octagonal in plan, as the number "8" for the octagon is associated with prosperity in Chinese culture.

Vanda Miss Joaquim was selected as Singapore's National Flower. It signifies hardiness and resilience. These two values reflect on Singapore's spirit. Singapore placed this icon on our currency note from 1967-1976. The flower provides Singapore with an identity and hence it is placed on the notes to help people identify Singapore. An icon is usually created to represent a county.

The flag is the most important thing that represents a country. Red stands for universal brotherhood and the equality of man. White signifies purity and virtue. The colours are used to represent these values that are significant to our country. The logos, such as the crescent moon and the five stars are also important as they mean something as well. The crescent moon stands for a young nation, and the five stars stand for democracy. The colours and logos makes out flag unique and special.