Wagton Ester Bizerra
Wagton Ester Bizerra
Wagton Ester Bizerra

Wagton Ester Bizerra

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Guitar Table...I know so many musicians who will want one of these! #LiquidGoldSalvagedWood

Mas q 10!! AlgumaBossa.blogspot.com

DIY Barrel Coffee Table – T#kasaestilosas #bricolaje DIY Industrial Furniture Designs http://www.kestilo.wix.com/kasaestilo

#wood #legno

Yes to this staircase! Would absolutely need to be in a modern clean home so it doesn't go too theme-y

Stump Tables – A Trend You Must Follow

Stump Tables – A big stump would make a wonderful coffee table for the living room Now that's a statement piece!

Love this if I ever have a room in the basement I want this to be my bed

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Travel Ukulele http://www.luthierforum.com/index.php?/topic/12157-oli-the-electric-travel-ukulele/