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two fish are on a plate with silverware and utensils next to it
Sicilian mackerel with cauliflower purée
Sicilian mackerel with cauliflower purée
piles of salt sitting in front of a building with a windmill on the other side
saline marsala
Saline di #Marsala (Sicilia, Italia). Salt pans of Marsala ( #Sicily, Italy)
an orange tree with lots of fruit growing on it's branches in front of a stone fence
Lemons, Sicily
Sicilian lemon tree--now that's Italian. Give me some Lemoncello!
four men sitting on chairs in front of a salone sign with the door open
1977, Sicilia (Lisetta Carmi) - Il Post
1977, Sicilia (Lisetta Carmi)
two boxes filled with different types of fruit
Our Experiences from Three Months in Palermo
Cactus fruits at this market in Palermo, Sicily.
some food is laying out on a cutting board
Sicilian Cannoli
grapefruits, oranges and sage on a cutting board next to a knife
Red Sicilian Orange rich in flavonoids and essential oils, this ingredient has anti-aging properties and helps prevent dry skin and inflammation. Lear more at
an outdoor patio with chairs and potted plants on the outside wall, next to a blue door
Sicilian Corner of Marzamemi, Italy
an old woman sitting in front of a store with vegetables hanging from the roof and on display
Typical Sicilian street scene. The Sicilians consider the sidewalk as part of their personal property! ~Saucy