Vitalba Lamanna

Vitalba Lamanna

Italy / "Simmons i can't live in a world without you..." Fitz&Simmons-HAIL HYDRA IS BAD.
Vitalba Lamanna
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He knows what he does to us! - Benedict Photo shoot behind the scenes for Vanity Fair

karin-woywod: “ cumberbatchlives: “Benedict photographed by Jason Bell for Vanity Fair (x)” [ Karin says : ] Exactly ! Jason Bell had to slow / tone down Benedict, LOL !

Erik and Christine by Chrissyissypoo19 on DeviantArt

Lyrics belong to Yeston and Kopit's musical, Phantom. However, I decided to use the 1990 versions of the characters (Charles Dance and Terri Polo), since I favor them more.

Hadley Fraser, Down Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit, Hadley Fraser, Down Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Crushes, Musicals