conceptual art by Edward Heal

Recent design graduates Christopher Barrett, Edward Heal and Luke Taylor have setup as London design studio Us.

This cartoon made me think of relationships nowadays-- People are always on their phones while out to socialize but are we really socializing or on social networks. Though I cannot say i am not guilty of this.

19 Sad Illustrations That Show Everything Wrong in Modern Society - BlazePress

Sandro Giordano - In Extremis (bodies with no regret) – “Sobria”

People falling down photos. Pics of people falling down in art series by photographer Sandro Giodano called In Extremis (Bodies With No Regret.


Funny pictures about These 35 Pictures Were Taken At The Right Moment. Oh, and cool pics about These 35 Pictures Were Taken At The Right Moment. Also, These 35 Pictures Were Taken At The Right Moment photos.

“Quando spariscono le piante, spariscono gli animali”. Una campagna dal forte impatto emotivo contro la deforestazione. Un pericolo per l’uomo, ma anche per gli animali che predono il loro habitat naturale.

Creative director Ganesh Prasad Acharya and copywriter Kaushik Katty Roy have created a series of shocking print ads for environmental news magazines Sanctuary Asia, that show the effects of deforestation and wildlife destruction.

Combo Fotografia-16

Atlanta-based photographer/art director Stephen McMennamy likes to combine images, turning them into what he calls combophotos.

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Security Glass Ad - This a bold display of bus stop advertising. That is actual money inside of the glass case. Very creative and shows how their product works in the craziest way possible.

Buondì ancora una proposta di vede che ci piace tanto?  Anche questa semplice,l'unica pecca stare a pulire bene i filetti dalle ...

How To Clean House By 10 Layers (an alternative to crisis cleaning for us flybabies) ;

NJ133 - Nathalie Jomard - Portfolio

When you discover that postpartum belly won't be going away any time soon.