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Henry Gorse’s photography balances trashy pop and tastefulness

40 idées de tatouages de citations inspirantes | Glamour

Having spent the last weekend helping a friend of mine pour over no less than 1000 various wrist tat

2 tatuaggi temporanei belle di parola / parola

2 rose lettering temporary tattoos / word temporary tattoo /rose temporary tattoo / calligraphy temporary tattoo / single line tattoo

Grafica digitale #‎DigitalArt‬

Business infographic & data visualisation Unisinos Institucional by Miagui Imagevertising. Infographic Description Unisinos Institucional by Miagui Image

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This piece feels really calming to me. The solitary blue melds well with the soft black and white of the rest of the piece. Even the woman's mouth echoes the tranquil rhythm of the clouds above. The symmetry of the piece adds to the overall peaceful vibe.