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#wattpad #fanfic -Profesor Park, por favor no me repruebe haré lo que sea. -Maldita sea, Yoongi te he dicho miles de veces que no. ~ Donde Yoongi es pasivo y Jimin el activo. •Parejas secundarias. -Vhope -Namjin Lenguaje Mexicano ▶31/01/2017 #304 en Fanfic ▶02/02/2017 #265 en Fanfic ▶04/02/2017 #119 en Fanfic

BTS REACTION: Scratching their back during sex So you having some sexy time and you chose to kink things up a little so you scratch his back as you orgasm.

V bts | Tumblr

V bts | Tumblr

(tu es a la place de Jimin )

I seriously think V just does not know how to control his face. Not that it's a bad thing. The fanbase gets a good laugh but what's he gonna look like when he pulls these faces at XD (Favorite Meme God)

You guys asked for it. Now you guys get it. Then There Was You SEQUEL… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

For some reason when I went from the first to the second picture I heard the sound,poop,like a button being pressed or something