50 's

"Welcome home" . 1952 photo by Frank Q. Brown, former Los Angeles Times staff photographer . of returning Korean War soldier Sgt Class Owen Marsh of North Hollywood leaning out a bus window to kiss his wife, Evelyn.

by Alena Vlasko

Dance my child. Dance in the rain, splash in the puddles; this is what makes us better at believing that it must rain in order to appreciate the sun.

Love how this movie shows how real marriages go through problems, and how good things come to those who put their faith in the what God wants and expects.  I Love this movie too...

Link to the 40 day "Love Dare" list from the movie Fireproof, including the scripture references that support each day! Perfect reminder of how important it is to place value on maintaining a healthy, happy relationship

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There are fantasies you find to have . Only when you come into the mind with the right mind