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add and subtraction on the floor with hula hoops and balls - great idea for missing addends


DIY Gift Ideas: 29 Handmade Gifts

mommy's baby love: fall leaves animal creatures

There is no denying I am crazy with fall leaves.This is already part 2 of my fall leaves animal creatures.I really enjoyed making them and m.

Counting is so important, that we wanted to let you guys in on some fantastic activities that didn't make it into story time. This is the Number Writing Salt Tray Game, which is a great idea for kids to practice number recognition and writing skills.

Un calendario dell'avvento mostra i giorni che rimangono fino al giorno della vigilia di Natale. Si tratta di un'usanza dedicata ai bambini che accompagna

25 facilissime idee per realizzare dei fantastici calendari dell'avvento

great alternative to choclate advent calendar FREE printable Santa's beard countdown calendar. Add a cotton wool ball for every day until Christmas :) .

Maestra Caterina: Laboratorio matematico: Numeri... Numeri... Numeri...

Maestra Caterina: Laboratorio matematico: Numeri... Numeri... Numeri...