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Tartellette al caprino, con miele e timo

ASIAGO D'ALLEVO (cioè stagionato per 9-18 mesi). Latte di vacca lasciato riposare da 6 a 12 ore in apposite vaschette, per permettere la scrematura.

Asiago (IT) ♡ fromage ♡ cheese ♡ Käse ♡ formatge ♡ 奶酪 ♡ 치즈 ♡ ost ♡ queso ♡ τυρί ♡ formaggio ♡ チーズ ♡ kaas ♡ ser ♡ queijo ♡ сыр ♡ sýr ♡קעז ♡

Organic Honey packaging concept on Behance                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

A product visualization project showcasing a new and unique way to package honey. A clean, minimalistic logo and branding using a elegant and simple typefaces upon large white space or canvas gives the design a distinctive and sophisticated appeal.