Cover & Layout / WHAT—NOT on Editorial Design Served

WHAT—NOT on Editorial Design Served // like the playful element of the magazine + font optie (cover)

Propuesta1 la idea de un empaque reusable es que la información no se desecharía y podría llegar a personas que no necesariamente han adquirido el producto

PolarAid Kit (Student Project)

Adorable first aid kit in a polar bear box! Purchases would go to support Polar Bear International :)

Write Sketch & | Super Collection | Notebooks Designed by Officemilano

Write Sketch & Super Collection - Notebooks Designed by Officemilano. Geometric patterns and minimalism.

FORMAT + COMPOSITION - Colours and layers. The combination of colours for my posters has to be appealing to the eye and not distracting.

I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because I like the way you can still see the craftsmanship that was used binding the book. I also like the idea of binding multiple tiny books to create one final product. Sophie Lecuyer - Bas les masques et haut les coeurs

I love the bold style of this. I really enjoy the printed, handmade look, simple color palette which makes it very eye catching and interesting.

Topography Memo Pad Inspiration for a shadow box using topography maps.

Altitude of 200 pages - Memo Block A memo pad with contour lines cut into it. The numbers printed on the paper indicate the number of pages remaining on the pad.

the visit by anna kövecses, via Behance

the visit by anna kövecses this is exactly the combination of vibrant illustration and clean typography that i'm looking for.