Didden Village / MVRDV  The houses are placed on the large rectilinear roof surface in such a way that they form a small number of outdoor spaces (houses, squares, streets and lanes) that make up a rooftop village.

Didden Village / MVRDV

contemporary exterior Didden Village, MVRDV, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2006

Parasitic Cabin Installations -  The Manifest Destiny! Project Encourages Unorthodox Dwellings

Parasitic Cabin Installations

I would love to live in a "parasite house" like this one!  The world would be my oyster.

S Parasite Las Palmas – parasite – Netherlands, Rotterdam Wilhelminakade // 2001 // Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten – The site of this building, the Wilhelmina pier in Rotterdam is interesting.

Al Fin: Parasitic Housing Built Upon the Old Order

Parasitic Emergency Homes by Mike Reyes São Paulo, Brazil is known for its vibrant culture, but as of late, it’s also been in the news because of its deadly floods and mudslides. Seeing the aftermath.