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Fell in love in just one day…(more like my body says jimin and my heart says V)

My heart says: bts My brain says: bitch.they live overseas, speak a foreign language you don’t understand nor speak and, are international kpop stars that have no idea you, you’re ugly asf My mouth says: damn.


Very creative! The book. The piano keys. The drink which made me think of the absinthe, and it also looked like an hour glass. The time of youth is running out! For me anyway hahaha<<<cool gif


VIXX is returning with the last installment to their trilogy entitled 'Kratos,' and they are dropping the second set of concept photos.

just vixx's N being more fabulous than you'll ever be xD <-----I can just imagine Leo coming up behind it and hitting his arm with the bumper car and having an evil genius look on his face


Leo, N, and Ken of VIXX ok an apple a day keeps the doctor away but if the doc is cute screw the fruit lol

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