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Lazio (Latin: Latium), sometimes referred to in English as Latium, is one of the 20 administrative regions of Italy, situated in the central peninsular section of the country.Its capital is Rome, capital and largest city of Italy.

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The albino donkeys of Parco Nazionale Asinara, Sardinia, Italy

bivdu: mamuthones

bivdu: mamuthones


The nuraghe - Sardinian nuraghes is the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia (Italy)

SPIAGGESARDEGNA.IT | Vacanze in Sardegna – Le migliori e più belle spiagge della Sardegna.

Sardinia is situated off the western coast of Italy and is a beautiful Mediterranean island with stunning beaches and panoramic views of the mountains and sea.

Mamoiada, il carnevale e i Mamuthones

Sardegna Film Commission - Locations - Events - The carnival, Mamoiada

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