There is nothing quite like a perfectly timed photograph. It is almost as if the photographer has insight into what is about to happen, but oftentimes it r

A 380

Scared of flying? These unsettling plane facts won’t help. Some of the most frightening secrets kept by pilots include how often planes are struck by lightning, the worst time of day for turbulence, plus the one thing pilots fear more than.

Leggera turbolenza

Airplane in the clouds, looks like a Cheshire Cat smile behind it. Got to love aviation!

Davide e Golia

As big as the country it came from, the Antonov Mrya is the biggest airplane in the world. Made in the USSR in it is the world's heaviest aircraft with a total weight of 640 tonnes.

MAX il rosso

an-autonomous-american: “ Beechcraft Staggerwing ”

Il Cristo di Tegucigalpa...

most exciting landing ever.one of the top dangerous places to land. That's why I always rather land in San Pedro and drive to Tegucigalpa :P

Aria acqua

I'm an avid scuba diver. Ever the domain of the wealthy, scuba diving required both access to the ocean and a shite ton of money for travel & equipment. Not really having any of it, this awesome hobby just kinda passed me by.