Torta salata con fantasia di carote e zucchine

DIY Cupcake Holders

Torta salata con fantasia di carote e zucchine carrots and zucchini tart

Valerie Knapp | Post, 2013-2014 | Photo credit: Karen Thiessen | ArtPropelled

Valerie Knapp Post , Photo credit: Karen Thiessen, 2014 A few weeks ago I ambled down to the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto .

The 47 year-old Californian used garden implements and wooden sticks to create three miles of geometric pattern across the hot Black Rock salt plain.

Jim Denevan's sand art covers miles of desert

The huge complex designs he carves into sandy beaches are out of this world. Jim Denevan makes freehand drawings in sand. At low tide on wide beaches Jim

when you talk about revolution.Well You know

Love the symbolism that love is backwards and love that love is a part of revolution. It may be cliche by now but it is still a simple truth, love is a revolution.

Get to know a new side of the city

Norris Geyser Basin is one of Yellowstone’s most popular basins, not to mention the hottest.

Rotazione - Paul Feichter, 2011

Arte Sella: un bosco d’arte in Valsugana - Nature - Most Alien and Weird Places on Earth

The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara and Guelb er Richât, is a deeply eroded prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west–central Mauritania near Ouadane.