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Interesting use of different materials, textures, finishings
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an egg laying on top of a white tray with words written in cursive writing
mind design
Lacoste eco/techno polo: In collaboration with Tom Dixon we worked on the packaging and launch graphics for two special edition polo shirts commissioned by Lacoste. (by mind design)
HANT マイン 47L Ideas, Luggage Baggage, Carrier Bag, Luggage, Trolley Bags, Travel Store, My Bags
HANT マイン 47L
three different colored boxes sitting next to each other on a white surface with one red, one green and one black
Hard disk drive stripe
four different colors and shapes of the same device on a table next to each other
사진 설명이 없습니다.
four different views of the inside of a building with windows and metal bars on each side
Japanese technique of preserving/antiquing wood
Japanese technique of preserving/antiquing wood - Imgur
some type of font and numbers that are in different positions on the screen, including one with
5208e4a999bd2 a grouped image for pinterest
many different colored paper flowers together
HTML SiteMap
four vases with flowers in them sitting side by side
Flowers 2017 Calendar - Moon Picnic
Paper Flowers 2017 Calendar
two different colored paper cut outs with one woman's face and the other man's head
Paper Cut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala | Inspiration Grid
Eiko Ojala
three different types of business cards are stacked on top of each other in black and white
The senses' perception
a book cover with an image of a boat in the water and rope around it
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the back end of a pair of skis
Inauguration Invitation Letter
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