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Color inspiration from the nature around us. Umbria, Tuscany, beautiful.
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an outdoor garden with flowers and statues on the wall, surrounded by greenery in front of a mountain
Argyranthemum on the edge of a wall
Lake Maggiore, Italy
three purple flowers with yellow stamens and green leaves in front of a black background
Dark purple violets with sunny yellow center. [] > Beautiful flowers > Flowers > Nature > WORLD PHOTOS
Violet Pansy
purple flowers with yellow stamens in the center
I love the smell of napalm in the morning
Purple crocus
sunflowers in the foreground and an old church in the background with a cloudy sky
All things Europe
Spoleto, Perugia, Italy
two people walking down an alley way with flowers hanging from the ceiling and buildings in the background
I fiori di spello
Strolling on the beautiful streets of Spello Umbria, Italy
pink flowers are in a vase on the ledge of an old brick building with stairs leading up to it
Assisi, Italy
a purple flower with yellow stamen and red stamen
Buddha Teas
Did You Know? Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It takes approximately 4,500 flowers to make even just one ounce of saffron, and all must be gathered by hand! We are proud to offer an exquisite blend of saffron and green tea, a premium brew that is filled with vitamins, minerals, and beneficial antioxidants.
a large field with lots of sunflowers in the foreground and a house in the background
Home - Blend Of Bites
Chianti country, Italy: Siena Tuscany
a field full of red flowers in front of a green hillside with houses on it
Castelluccio di Norcia Fioritura 2013
Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy
many different types of flowers growing on the side of a building
Spello, Province of Perugia , Umbria Italy
a field full of wildflowers with mountains in the background and blue sky above
~~Castelluccio ~ field of poppies, Umbria, Italy by zio.paperino~~
purple flowers growing on the side of a building with two wooden doors and a lamp
Fine Art Photography for Sale | Peter Lik
Venice, Italy | Peter Lik Photography
a field full of sunflowers with trees in the background
A field of sunflowers - Tuscany, Italy
some lavender flowers are hanging from a wooden bench with the words fine dinsday written on it
Make your own herb mixes - Sweet Living Magazine
Hanging dried flowers & herbs as decoration for one of our rustic weddings in italy... love